Dell Battery 2-cell 26W/HR LI-ON for Latitude 12

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Dell Battery 2-cell 26W/HR LI-ON for Latitude 12 451-BBOR <span>FH8RW</span>, <span>7XNTR</span>
Dell Battery 2-cell 26W/HR LI-ON for Latitude 12 451-BBOR <span>FH8RW</span>, <span>7XNTR</span>

Detailed information

- Capacity: 26 Wh
- Reliable power needed for performance

Still you are traveling? You no longer have to worry about limited battery life! Your laptop can be powered by the 2-cell lithium-ion battery from Dell ™. With a capacity of 26 Wh battery lets you work seamlessly on business trips and vacations. This battery will provide continuous and reliable power you need for the best possible use of the laptop. Lithium-ion batteries last longer than conventional batteries and do not require frequent replacement. This product has been tested and validated on Dell labs. If you use it on a Dell laptop, is subject to a Dell technical support.

- Dell Certified components undergo rigorous testing by qualified technicians to ensure their compatibility and reliability in Dell computers
- Continued qualification process provides testing and certification of the newest technology features in Dell computers
- Dell Certification means that you do not have to worry about the warranty for the computer hardware

Technical support
- For any questions regarding upgrade of certified components Dell will answer our experienced staff of technical support
- Dell does not support the components purchased from other sources

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Latitude 7212 Rugged
Warranty for this product is 24 months consumer / 12 months company