Dell OptiPlex MFF Cable Cover

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Dell Bezpečnostní Kryt Kabelu pro OptiPlex MFF 325-BDBG

Detailed information

Thermally tested and designed for OptiPlex, this custom cable cover offers an easy to install and attractive way to manage cables and secure ports on the micro chassis. 
The Dell OptiPlex Micro Cable Cover is designed specifically to fit your OptiPlex Micro system. An attractive way to manage the various cords and cables on your workspace, it simply snaps-on to the system chassis without the need for a lock. Keep your desk neat and organized with the cable cover, which fits comfortably on your OptiPlex system whether it is sitting horizontally or vertically on your desk.

Protect your ports: prevent unauthorized access to rear ports
Secure your peripherals: minimize risk of accessories walking away
Manage your cables: rid your desk of messy-looking cables

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Warranty for this product is 24 months consumer / 12 months company