Dell AC Adapter 65W USB-C Air/Auto

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PN: 450-AFLE
PN2: 87J1C, 492-BBUN
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Dell AC Adapter 65W USB-C Air/Auto 450-AFLE 87J1C, 492-BBUN
Dell AC Adapter 65W USB-C Air/Auto 450-AFLE 87J1C, 492-BBUN

Detailed information

- Device Type: Power Supply
- Type: Adapter
- Power: 65 watts
- Interface: USB-C

Power up and stay productive on the road or in-flight with the Dell™ DC Adapter. Auto-air type-C 65W is one of product in type-C family which plugs in auto outlet or air outlet usage. It is an all-in-one, DC device that will both power your Dell laptop as well as charge its battery.

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