Dell Adapter HDMI (M) to VGA (F)

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Dell Adapter HDMI (M) to VGA (F) 470-ABZX <span>KF3P2</span>, <span>HVG6H</span>, <span>MF0V6</span>, <span>DAUBNBC084</span>
Dell Adapter HDMI (M) to VGA (F) 470-ABZX <span>KF3P2</span>, <span>HVG6H</span>, <span>MF0V6</span>, <span>DAUBNBC084</span>
Dell Adapter HDMI (M) to VGA (F) 470-ABZX <span>KF3P2</span>, <span>HVG6H</span>, <span>MF0V6</span>, <span>DAUBNBC084</span>
Dell Adapter HDMI (M) to VGA (F) 470-ABZX <span>KF3P2</span>, <span>HVG6H</span>, <span>MF0V6</span>, <span>DAUBNBC084</span>

Detailed information

The versatile Dell HDMI to VGA adapter enables the user to view video content from any laptop or tablet with HDMI video output on a variety of VGA-compliant displays, ranging from monitors to projectors. Supporting a maximum video resolution of 1080p, this user-friendly adapter ensures a quality viewing experience and features a sleek, compact design.

This video adapter allows you to take video content from your laptop or tablet and display it on any monitor, projector or HDTV featuring a VGA input. As long as your device is equipped with an HDMI output, this compact adapter ensures a seamless conversion. Use it to enjoy movies on a home projector, mirror your desktop for an expanded workstation or show presentations at school or work.

Enjoy a crystal-clear viewing experience
The Dell HDMI to VGA adapter supports video resolution of up to 1080p to provide an enriched visual experience--an ideal way to enhance a presentation or appreciate intricate graphics.

Compact size offers easy portability
Measuring 6.9 x 1.3 x 0.5 (L x W x H) inches, this plug-and-play adapter is easy to use and keep handy for impromptu presentations for clients or movie nights with friends. The adapter is fitted with a 19-pin HDMI on one end and a 15-pin HD15 VGA on the other, a standard fit for a wide variety of VGA compatible display monitors, projectors and HDTVs.

What's in the Box
Dell HDMI to VGA adapter.

- Dell Certified components undergo rigorous testing by qualified technicians to ensure their compatibility and reliability in Dell computers
- Continued qualification process provides testing and certification of the newest technology features in Dell computers
- Dell Certification means that you do not have to worry about the warranty for the computer hardware

Technical support
- For any questions regarding upgrade of certified components Dell will answer our experienced staff of technical support
- Dell does not support the components purchased from other sources

Warranty for this product is 24 months consumer / 12 months company