Dell Adapter USB-C (M) na USB-A 3.1 (F)

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Dell Adapter USB-C (M) na USB-A 3.1 (F) 470-ABNE DBQBJBC054, 5RMND, F382X, YYG9W
Dell Adapter USB-C (M) na USB-A 3.1 (F) 470-ABNE DBQBJBC054, 5RMND, F382X, YYG9W

Detailed information

The Dell Adapter: USB-C to USB-A 3.0 connects your legacy computer with USB-C port to newer accessories and devices with USB-A 3.0 ports. It’s simple to use the adapter—plug the USB-C end of the adapter into your computer with USB-C port, then attach the USB-A 3.0 end into your device or accessory with USB-A 3.0 port.

Connect your USB-C computer to USB-A 3.0 devices
With the Dell USB-C to USB-A 3.0 adapter you can connect your computer with USB-C port to standard, newly released, USB-A 3.0 devices and accessories.

Synch your legacy computer with new devices
The Dell Adapter USB-C to USB-A 3.0 is the perfect solution for synching data and charging between your legacy computer and the latest tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Easy to use
Simply plug the USB-C end of the adapter into your computer's USB-C port. Then connect your USB-A 3.0 camera, smartphone, tablet device or other device. Plus, you can also connect a USB cable to charge your smartphone or tablet.

USB 3.0 Gen 1

What’s in the box
USB-C to USB Adapter

- Dell Certified components undergo rigorous testing by qualified technicians to ensure their compatibility and reliability in Dell computers
- Continued qualification process provides testing and certification of the newest technology features in Dell computers
- Dell Certification means that you do not have to worry about the warranty for the computer hardware

Technical support
- For any questions regarding upgrade of certified components Dell will answer our experienced staff of technical support
- Dell does not support the components purchased from other sources

User's guide
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Warranty for this product is 24 months consumer / 12 months company