Dell Adaptor 4.5mm Barrel to USB-C

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PN: 470-ACFG
PN2: LDD45B-USBC160, 60DDD


Dell redukce napájecího konektoru 4,5 mm na USB-C 470-ACFG LDD45B-USBC160, 60DDD

Detailed information

Charge your USB-C powered laptop on-the-go
Leave your USB-C power adaptor at home and charge your laptop via any readily available barrel power with the Dell Adaptor 4.5mm Barrel to USB-C. Throw the space-saving and lightweight adaptor in your bag and head to your next meeting with confidence, since compatible Dell 4.5mm barrel power adaptors are often widely available.

Get started right away with plug & play
Plug the adaptor into your USB-C powered laptop and begin charging instantly with barrel power.

Highly portable with a space-saving and lightweight design
Take the adaptor with you wherever you go. Space-saving and lightweight, the adaptor can be easily carried around. Just throw the adaptor in your bag and head off to the next meeting or conference room.

USB-C powered platforms
Latitude 5179/ 5175/ 7370/ 7275

What's in the Box
Dell Adaptor 4.5mm Barrel to USB-C
Warranty for this product is 24 months consumer / 12 months company