Dell caddy for SATA/SAS HDD to a PowerEdge server 3.5"

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PN: F238F
PN2: X968D, G302D


Dell caddy for SATA/SAS HDD to a PowerEdge server 3.5" F238F <span>X968D</span>, <span>G302D</span>
Dell caddy for SATA/SAS HDD to a PowerEdge server 3.5" F238F <span>X968D</span>, <span>G302D</span>
Dell caddy for SATA/SAS HDD to a PowerEdge server 3.5" F238F <span>X968D</span>, <span>G302D</span>

Detailed information

Dell original HDD caddy to a server or disk array.

- HOT-SWAP support
- for 3.5" SATA/SAS HDD
- Package does not include HDD
- Kit contains 4 screws for fixing the HDD


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