HP Adjustable Display Stand

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HP Nastavitelný podstavec pro displej AW663AA AW663AA#AC3

Detailed information

Turn your notebook into an ergonomic desktop-like solution that allows you to connect up to a 24-inch display. The monitor stand with two joints and smooth movement allows better adjustment of depth, height and tilt for maximum comfort. The customizable design of the adjustable stand allows you to insert laptops that can be connected to the docking station, as well as laptops that do not have a docking connector.
The display allows you to easily switch between landscape and portrait views.

- Product dimensions (š x h x v) 43,0 × 35,0 × 40,0 cm
- Product weight 3,8 kg

HP DreamColor Z24x Professional (E9Q82A4)
HP EliteDisplay E190i (E4U30AA)
HP EliteDisplay E202 (M1F41AA)
HP EliteDisplay E222 (M1N96AA)
HP EliteDisplay E232 (M1N98AA)
HP EliteDisplay E232e (N3C09AA)
HP EliteDisplay E240 (M1N99AA)
HP EliteDisplay E240c videokonferenční monitor (M1P00AA)
HP EliteDisplay E242 (M1P02AA)
HP EliteDisplay E242e (N3C01AA)
HP EliteDisplay E243m (1FH48AA)
HP EliteDisplay E271i (D7Z72AA)
HP EliteDisplay E273 (1FH50AA)
HP EliteDisplay E273m (1FH51AA)
HP EliteDisplay E273q (1FH52AA)
HP EliteDisplay S230tm (E4S03AA)
HP EliteDisplay S231d s dokovací stanicí pro notebook (F3J72AA)
HP ProDisplay P17A (F4M97AA)
HP Z24i (D7P53A4)
HP Z24n (K7B99A4)
HP Z24nf (K7C00A4)
HP Z24nq (L1K59A4)
HP Z24s (J2W50A4)
Warranty for this product is 24 months consumer / 12 months company