Dell AC Adapter 90W 7,4mm Air/Auto

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PN: 450-15098
PN2: D09RM, DELL-6P7X3
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Dell AC Adapter 90W 7,4mm Air/Auto 450-15098 D09RM, DELL-6P7X3
Dell AC Adapter 90W 7,4mm Air/Auto 450-15098 D09RM, DELL-6P7X3
Dell AC Adapter 90W 7,4mm Air/Auto 450-15098 D09RM, DELL-6P7X3
Dell AC Adapter 90W 7,4mm Air/Auto 450-15098 D09RM, DELL-6P7X3
Dell AC Adapter 90W 7,4mm Air/Auto 450-15098 D09RM, DELL-6P7X3

Detailed information

Features & Benefits
- Device Type : Power supply
- Type : Adapter
- Length : 2M (6.5ft)
- Power Provided : 90W

Power up and stay productive on the road, in-flight or in your office with the Dell™ Power Adapter. It is an all-in-one, DC device that will both power your Dell laptop as well as charge its battery. It plugs into any auto outlet or air outlet for long-lasting performance.

Genuine Dell-branded parts undergo rigorous testing by qualified engineers to ensure compatibility and reliability in your Dell system.
Our sustaining qualification process allows for testing and certification of the newest technology on your Dell system.

Technical Support
Our experienced technical support staff is available to answer any questions regarding your genuine Dell-branded parts upgrade.
Parts purchased from other sources will not be supported by Dell.


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