Dell DC Power Cable 7.4 to 4.5mm DC Converter Cable

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Dell redukce napájecího konektoru pro notebooky XPS 12, 13 450-18765 D5G6M

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Features and Benefits
- Let you charge your XPS 12 / XPS 13 / XPS 13 MLK System with Dell's typical power adapter with 7.4mm connector
- This product connects Dell ultra-slim XPS systems with Dell 90-Watt Auto-Air DC Adapter

With connectors from 7.4mm to 4.5mm, this DC Power Dongle is specifically designed for your ultra-slim XPS system. It is light-weight and easy to carry. It allows you to power up your XPS 12 / XPS 13/XPS 13MLK systems with Dell's traditional power adapters with 7.4mm connector. You can pack it with your Dell XPS system and Dell Auto-Air Adapter together conveniently.

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Our sustaining qualification process allows for testing and certification of the newest technology on your Dell system.

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