Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P

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PN: 470-AELP
PN2: DELL-MH3021P, 2XK45


Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P 470-AELP DELL-MH3021P, 2XK45


Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P 470-AELP DELL-MH3021P, 2XK45
Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P 470-AELP DELL-MH3021P, 2XK45
Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P 470-AELP DELL-MH3021P, 2XK45
Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P 470-AELP DELL-MH3021P, 2XK45

Detailed information

World’s first USB-C adapter with integrated speakerphone offers an all-in-one connectivity and conferencing solution.

Tech Specs
Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 119mm x 32mm
Weight: 214g
Host Connection: USB-C
Cable Type; Length: Round coaxial; 465mm

Ports & Connectors
Total Ports: 1 x USB-C, 1 x HDMI, 2 x USB-A
USB-C Cable (Data / Power / Video): 1 x USB-C multi functional cable that supports data transfer, power delivery and display
2 x USB-A 3.1 and 1 x USB-C 3.1 that supports data transfer up to 10Gbps
1 x USB-C that supports power delivery up to 90W
Video Ports: HDMI 2.0 : 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 60Hz (HDR Support)
USB-C : 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 60Hz (HDR Support)
Plug & Play Support: Yes (No drivers installation)
Supported Operating System: Win10 64 Bit

Speaker Type: Electrodynamic Speaker with Neodymium Magnet
Speaker Frequency Range: 200Hz - 20kHz
Microphone coverage: 360 degrees, omni-directional
Microphone Frequency: 100Hz – 10kHz
Digital Signal Processing: In-built echo cancelation and noise reduction
Supported UC Platforms: Optimized for leading UC platforms
Features: Answer an incoming call, End current call, Reject an incoming call, Mute/Un-mute, Volume +/-

Integration like never before
Stay productive in your home or at the office with this World’s first multi-port adapter with integrated speakerphone. Its numerous ports offer a variety of connectivity options, while its built-in speakerphone offers great conferencing convenience. Now you can charge your laptop while being connected to a display and your keyboard and mouse, plus get on a conference call - all at the same time.

Compact and portable
Sleek and small, its compact design takes up little space, so you can easily fit the multiport adapter into your bag and take it anywhere.

Efficient cable management
Simply wrap the cable around the base when you're done — what could be easier? This prevent tangles and ensures it stays neat in your bag.

Quick setup
Setup is fast and easy - connect instantly without having to download any software for a ready-to-go solution. No drivers required.

Connect extensively. Charge conveniently.
Get more done with this multiport adapter. Connect to a display, transfer data and power your computer all at once while you are on a call.

Uncompromising screen performance
Supporting the latest industry standards, this Dell multiport adapter lets you enjoy sharp images at up to 4K resolution at 60Hz when you connect your external display via the HDMI 2.0 port or USB-C port. It's ideal for sharing your presentations and videos! You can also take advantage of HDR compatibility for vivid visuals and lifelike images.

Super-fast file transfer
Work faster and smarter. Speeds of up to 10Gbps let you transfer large media files in seconds via the USB-C and USB-A ports.

Charge your PC
With up to 90W Power Delivery, you can easily charge a variety of PCs - simply plug in your USB-C power adapter or display to the USB-C port on your adapter speakerphone.

Your everyday conferencing solution
Enjoy a seamless conferencing experience with the built-in speakerphone that gets you ready for daily calls and check-ins.

Omnidirectional microphone
The integrated microphone picks up sound from around the table, so every voice is heard.

Intuitive call controls
Speakerphone buttons make it easy to start calls, hang up and mute/unmute and adjust the volume. LED indicators provide clear visual guidance.

Echo cancellation and noise reduction
Enjoy crystal-clear calls every time. The smart design reduces unwanted background noise and echo.

UC platform compatible
Optimized for leading UC platforms like Zoom and Teams, this adapter lets you get on conference calls via your preferred platforms.

Features and ports
1. Speakerphone
2. Answer call
3. Volume down
4. Mute/Unmute
5. Volume up
6. End/Reject call
7. LED indicators
8. USB-C connector
9. USB-C cable
10. USB-A 3.1 (10Gbps)
11. Microphone
12. HDMI 2.0 port (4K)
13. USB-C port (display, data and power delivery)
14. Microphone

What's in the Box
Dell Mobile Adapter Speakerphone - MH3021P

Comatible USB-C Monitors

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Alienware Aurora R12
Alienware Aurora R13
Alienware Aurora R14 VMR
Alienware M15 R4
Alienware M15 R7
Alienware M15 R7 AMD
Alienware M17 R4
Alienware M17 R5
Alienware X14
Alienware X15 R1
Alienware X15 R2
Alienware X17 R2
G5 5510
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Latitude 3301
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Latitude 3500
Latitude 3510
Latitude 3520
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Latitude 7210 2-in-1
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Latitude 7410 chromebook
Latitude 7410 chromebook enterprise
Latitude 7420
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Latitude 9330
Latitude 9410 2-in-1
Latitude 9420
Latitude 9430
OptiPlex 3000 MFF
Optiplex 3000 SFF
OptiPlex 3000 MT
Optiplex 3000 Thin Client
Optiplex 3090 UFF
Optiplex 5000 MFF
Optiplex 5000 SFF
Optiplex 5000 MT
Optiplex 5090 MFF
OptiPlex 7000 MFF
OptiPlex 7000 SFF
OptiPlex 7000 MT
OptiPlex 7000 XE MFF
Optiplex 7090 MFF
Optiplex 7090 UFF
Precision 3470
Precision 3540
Precision 3541
Precision 3550
Precision 3551
Precision 3560
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Precision 5470
Precision 5540
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Precision 7865 MT
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XPS 9380
XPS 9500
XPS 9510
XPS 9520
XPS 9700
XPS 9710
XPS 9720


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